"Our objective is to teach people how to stay pain free, to always feel and function at their best and get the most out of life."Dr Ryan Lamp

Our Chiropractic Services

At Lamp Chiropractic Clinics we provide a family friendly clinic experience. The Chiropractors pride themselves on finding and correcting the root cause of your problem and they also focus on teaching you how to prevent it from returning.

As a patient you will receive the latest evidenced based chiropractic care, you'll also learn stretches and or exercises relevant to fixing and preventing your condition. Your treatment will include information such as lifting-techniques, ergonomics and other preventative measures to get you back to work, and back doing the things you love to do - as soon as possible.

Musculoskeletal pain is your bodies way of telling you where and how badly damage is happening inside you. Most pain conditions are attributed to the modern lifestyle - sitting too much, sporting injuries, accidents, repetitive wear and tear injuries and the like. As a result recurrence of such injuries is very high. That is why our treatment also focuses on educating you on how to prevent injury in the future and how to keep your body moving as it was designed to.

Each of the Chiropractors at Lamp Chiropractic have completed a minimum of 5 years of university training and they keep up to date with the latest evidence and complete regular ongoing formal training. The techniques they use are evidence based and are explained fully at your consultation. At your first consultation, we take a medical history, conduct a physical examination and we then provide a diagnosis. We will then explain the cause of your problem and the full process of your treatment with you. Your treatment will commence on the first day.

Our Chiropractors are not only selected on their academic achievements but also on their commitment and their care towards every patient's individual health. Due to our broad range of knowledge we will be able to help with a variety of issues affecting your health so we encourage our patient's to never hesitate to ask us anything.

At Lamp Chiropractic Clinics we specialise in many treatments including:

Pain Relief

Chiropractic care can provide relief from not only back and neck complaints, but also from many types of soft tissue injuries such as tendonosis, bursitis and extremity disorders such as ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist problems

Injury Prevention

When chiropractic care is added to a conventional injury management program, many patients experience a significant reduction in pain and injuries including: lower limb strain injuries, knee injuries and lower low back pain.

Wholistic Treatment Plans

Your body is a machine made up of many biological systems. At our clinics, we look at your body as a whole and assess all of its systems to make sure that you’re functioning at your best.

Why Choose Us

At Lamp Chiropractic Clinics we genuinely care about our patients and we go the extra lengths to make you healthy and keep you that way.

Our Chiropractors are all university qualified and are passionate about healthcare and have all undergone further training in various fields in order to be better able to treat a broader range of conditions. We Listen to your complaint and will tailor a treatment to get you back to full health as soon as possible. We teach you how to manage your problem yourself, so you don't have to rely on us as much.

What we treat

Lamp Chiropractic Chiropractors primarily treat the cause and symptoms of Musculoskeletal conditions, which means we treat can treat every joint in your body, from your feet and hands, all the way up to your neck and jaw.

The Chiropractors here have a vast knowledge of the human body and all its functions, so we can also help with other conditions, including; nutrition, ergonomics, exercise programmes, psychological issues. If in doubt, you can always ask your chiropractor for advice on any health related matter.

What to expect on your first visit

On your first appointment, your chiropractor will listen to you, he will ask questions, perform orthopaedic and neurological tests as required to find the cause of your problem. The chiropractor will explain to you what your diagnosis is and how it has come about. They will explain what treatment is required to fix the problem and how long it will take, and how that particular treatment method will correct your problem.

The chiropractor will take you through a treatment on your first consultation and it will be conducted in a very relaxed and comfortable manner. You may leave the clinic with stretches or exercises to maximise the benefit of your treatment, and these will be demonstrated in the clinic before you leave.

Most treatments are a process, each part is designed to get the most rapid results, so it is important to stick to your schedule, as each part of the process gives relevant treatment and information that builds on the last to maximise your results.

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