Harvard Med School backs Chiropractic

This recent study published by the prestigious Harvard Medical School about chiropractic treatment and it's benefits for back pain, migraines, neck pain and whiplash and how it also incorporates education patients and teaching preventative measures.

This study was conducted in the USA to educate GP’s and other Medical Specialists on exactly what chiropractors do and what we are effective at treating, as well as what treatment processes are most effective. This is due to the fact that more and more GP’s around the world are referring to Chiropractors.

It also goes into how when you first see a chiropractor for pain your treatment is a process, and how you should expect your symptoms to improve after a couple of weeks. Chiropractors also have studied and should provide their patients information about biomechanics and posture which is the root cause of most biomechanical problems.

This treatment process and educational means is a reflection of how all the Chiropractors at Lamp Chiropractic are trained and have been treating for years. We have all completed five years at university and ongoing formal training. We pride ourselves in the fact that we use the latest evidenced based treatment processes and that “We don’t just treat; we educate”.

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