Low Back Pain Explained

By far the most common condition we see at our Clinics is Back Pain. About 4.0 million Australians (16% of the total population) have back problems right now.

The most common cause of back pain is excessive sitting, leaning over and poor posture. What people dont realise is the body is a machine designed to be upright and moving. Sitting, leaning and twisting the back puts 6-10 times greater loads on our spine than standing and these forces over time lead to the lubricant between the joints being squashed out. When the joint lubricant is missing..the joints rub together.. and that is your PAIN

The process of our treatment is to get the fluid back within the joints as soon as possible to a level that the joints can't scratch together (PAIN STOPS) then to keep the joints apart until the damaged tissue heals (POSTURE IMPROVES). Then teach you how to manage your body better to prevent relapse (MANAGEMENT PHASE).

Click below; Dr Lamp Explains Back Pain in 90 sec

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