Pain linked to Depression

Much research has been conducted into the link between pain and depression. Chronic pain leads to depression and depression leads to a greater pain response.

This link has been conclusively established.

In my experience in clinical practice, I have seen hundreds of patients who have been putting up with pain for many weeks, months and even years. This negative effect on the mind over time leads to most people becoming increasingly negative and depressed. And these feelings are accelerated when the person can not find a solution.

As a wholistic healthcare professional, we look at all aspects of a patient's condition, because treating all aspects of a patient's condition means far better success.

Last month I treated a female who had a been involved in a car accident late last year. Her history revealed that she had suffered a whiplash injury as a result. She was given pain relief, anti-inflammatories to ‘manage’ her pain. Three months later she was still suffering and was diagnosed with depression and put on a course of antidepressants.

I explained to her that the depression was a result of her constant pain, and that because we treat the cause of her pain, it also treats the cause of her depression. As we treated her pain, her GP weaned her off her antidepressants, antiinflammatories and pain medication. And now she is happier, pain free, drug free and back to her usual self she said, and far better than she’s felt even before her accident.

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