Why is walking good for you?

In the last hundred years or so, we have gone from a lifestyle of being very active and upright, to now being very inactive and spending far too much time sitting.

Before cars, computers, mobile devices etc, we used to walk and move our bodies far more than we do now. Now to today where we spend a lot of our time sitting. We sit in our cars to and from work, a lot of people sit for hours each day at work and then we get home and sit in front of the TV. When we sit we change the biomechanics of our bodies and load the joints of our spine 3 to 10 times more they are designed to take. When you sit your hamstrings and hip flexors are in a shortened position and overtime become less and less flexible.

Over time people can develop pain from spending too much time sitting, as their joints start to squash out the synovial fluid (lubricant) which caused them to seize which stimulates the muscles to tighten to support the joints.

So what is the best thing to do if you spend a lot of your day sitting?


Walking is what our skeletons are designed to do. When you walk you actually unload the joints of your spine and keep the joint lubricated and moving properly, which helps to keep your posture upright and your bones strong.

When you walk you also produce endorphins which not only make you feel happier but also help to inhibit pain.

Some people with bad back pain struggle to walk due to their pain. As chiropractors we help to get movement in your joints, relax your muscles, get rid of your pain and get you back to being more active and walking.

So what are you waiting for, take your dog, your friend or just yourself for a walk today.

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